49 Months

And so, another month has passed. Time does not march on, it flies faster than a speeding bullet. Four years and a month old. The darling of our lives, la reina del punto azul, the director of our plays and part-time adorable tot, part-time berserker dictator.

[[image:2012-yaya49month-02.jpg:Arrrr mateys!:center:0]]

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We had yet another eventful month. It does seem like we hibernate and do nothing much for 8 months out of the year and then we pack everything in in the warmer months. This month, we have driven to Florida (pics to come, someday) gone through Ramadan, and celebrated Eid. It’s been another fun and action packed time. However, even though Yaya is now four and despite her promise that she would start eating “grown up food” after she’s four, it has not yet come to pass. Alas, the toastivore can not yet be swayed. But we keep trying.

Potty training status: she has almost definitely achieved night time dryness. I can’t remember when her last wet diaper was, but she insists on wearing a diaper at home with her footed jammies. When we are away, she sleeps just fine diaper-free. She is a creature of habit and hates change. It seems silly to keep putting on diapers but she insists and cries and refuses to go to sleep without one at home. She’ll get there one day, I’m sure. Yaya does like to do things in her own time and do them well when she does.

Everyone who meets her tells us that her vocabulary and speech is something else. She does say some funny things, she does :-), and when we think back to the fact that she has only been speaking for under two years, isn’t that something? She tells knock-knock jokes, and has started making her own jokes up. She loves to rhyme although she sometimes mixes up alliteration with rhyming. She dances and jumps and bikes and amazes us every day! She is also pushing her boundaries and starting to say “No” to us. She was never terrible at two, nor three. But yes, at four she is outspoken and sometimes quite wilful and disobedient. Hopefully she will grow out of this phase and learn that no does mean no, and sometimes you lose and you have to learn to take that with grace. Tuesday’s child is supposed to be full of grace, right?

All right then, let’s get to the pictures! She’s becoming more and more camera shy these days and covers her face or hides a lot. But we keep trying and hope to get a few good ones here and there. These are some of my favorites taken in the past month:

[[image:2012-yaya49month-01.jpg:Lily, here’s a hat for you!:center:0]]

Seriously, that cat has the patience of a saint.

[[image:2012-yaya49month-03.jpg:In her make-shift puppet theatre:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-04.jpg:Are you still taking pictures?:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-14.jpg:Happy girl:center:0]]

We went to the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, which was a very cool outdoor park with giant sculptures.

[[image:2012-yaya49month-05.jpg:Among the carved rocks:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-06.jpg:(probably) Illegally standing on a sculpture:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-07.jpg:Rock climbing, Yaya style!:center:0]]

Some regular playtime pictures:

[[image:2012-yaya49month-08.jpg:Yee-haa! Cowgirl on the horse at the red grocery store:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-09.jpg:I love to swing! With my Adik!:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-10.jpg:Higher, Papa!:center:0]]

She got to take her tricycle to the empty parking lot for some fun!

[[image:2012-yaya49month-12.jpg:Pedal! Pedal!:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yaya49month-13.jpg:Under Papa’s watchful eye:center:0]]

It’s been another fabulous and fun month. Happy 49 month birthday, baby girl! We love you!

[[image:2012-yaya49month-11.jpg:Everyone say “cheese”!:center:0]]

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