80 Months

80 months of Yaya!

[[image:2015-yaya80month-13.jpg:I was framed, I say!:center:0]]

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It is mid-May as I write this and so I will keep the chatter brief. March was another busy month where I had my very first taste of having a “real job”. I had to get in my car and drive to work Monday to Friday for 2 weeks. It was both good since I got to be home every day, but also brutal. I am not sure how people do this every day, to be honest! But we all adjusted and it was interesting.

But again, we kept it pretty normal for the kids. Food status: Yaya tried Jonathan apples. Whee!

[[image:2015-yaya80month-15.jpg:It was not bad, she said:center:0]]

Reading status: good progress! The glasses have been a game changer for her. Yaya seems to enjoy reading. I also make her read the synopsis on the DVR herself to choose episodes of shows she wants to watch. She is asking a lot of vocabulary questions. It is all good! Wheee!

Yaya is still very into arts and crafts and can be found making all kinds of things. Sometimes she will have watched a youtube video (or a show on TV or Netflix) and then she will try out the ideas that the shows may have inspired. Here are her pig finger puppets with their ID badges and their iPads:

[[image:2015-yaya80month-03.jpg:Noise and Loud love their iPads:center:0]]

Yaya and Adik play all kinds of crazy games:

[[image:2015-yaya80month-01.jpg:Yaya rides the tricycle and tows Adik in the red wagon:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-04.jpg:Some game involving Yaya on the floor and Adik climbing on her:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-10.jpg:Sheriff Adik and Deputy Yaya reporting for duty:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-12.jpg:Yaya works at the desk while Adik and Lily look on:center:0]]

The desk is Vin’s late mother’s desk. It is nice that her grandchildren get to work on it as well now.

Yaya has also been making videos on the iPad and camera, and taking experimental shots with the camera.

[[image:2015-yaya80month-02.jpg:Yaya selfie!:center:0]]

Yaya discovered the sepak takraw ball:

[[image:2015-yaya80month-06.jpg:Sepak takraw or soccer?:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-07.jpg:Look at the bola takraw (takraw ball)!:center:0]]

Here are a few of Yaya at play:

[[image:2015-yaya80month-08.jpg:Yaya in a box!:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-09.jpg:Yaya as Raven from Teen Titans Go!:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-16.jpg:Yaya sings and plays the guitar:center:0]]

Finally, here are couple of my favorite solo shots of Yaya:

[[image:2015-yaya80month-05.jpg:Love that smile!:center:0]]

[[image:2015-yaya80month-14.jpg:My baby girl is getting to be a young lady:center:0]]

Happy 80-month birthday, baby girl! We love you!!

[[image:2015-yaya80month-11.jpg:Deputy Yaya says “Y’all come on back now, y’hear?”:center:0]]

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