A Birthday Once More

It’s Irfan’s 12th birthday. We were supposed to set something up for him, like allowing him to invite his friends over. But because of low resources, we had to cancel. But Cikma and Ayah Cik The Younger came with a cake anyway, so we held a small gathering. I was not even in the right frame of mind to take photographs so we do not have photos of the cake.

The GOKL group did pass the gift they bought for Irfan, which was the boardgame Tsuro.

I did however take a picture of Irfan unboxing and playing Tsuro.

12th Birthday Boy

12th Birthday Boy

Irfan kicked me off the board

Irfan kicked me off the board

We love you Irfan. It’s been a rough year what with – among others – the UPSR fiasco and the absolute unreliability of this country’s education system at this point in time, but we will strive for a better year for you next year.

Also, many thanks to everyone who wished him a happy birthday over the many online channels available!

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