A Friday Lunch With Friends

My colleagues have been expressing a long time desire to sample Ain’s bihun goreng tom yam. They loved it when we offered packets of the food to be sold at my workplace. It has been a couple of years since stopped doing so.

Recently, Ain invited the ones who has been asking her about her bihun goreng tom yam the most to lunch. Besides the bihun goreng, she also made nasi lemak ayam goreng pandan. They came over one Friday afternoon, bringing with them their own food, turning the affair into a pot luck party.

After Friday prayers I took a photo of our guests.

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the spread on the dinner table.

Friday lunch buddies

L-R: Ain, Reen, Nana, Yana (with son), Faten & Yuzi (with son).

Ain was testing her capacity to cook a meal for a group of visitors with this exercise. It was a success. Therefore, we will see if we can do an Open House during a future Hari Raya holiday season.

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