A Melaka 2023 Postscript


Day Three Postscript: Port Dickson

Before heading up to KL, we took photos at the A Famosa fort (from a distance), the submarine museum (just the exterior), and stopped for some keria which were super delicious when still warm. Especially in the rain-cooled air. As we headed north for Kuala Lumpur, we passed the Melaka Zoo! That was a delightful surprise. However, we did not stop.

When Irfan took the wheel once more, I fell asleep when we entered the PLUS Highway. Apparently I was asleep for almost an hour. When I woke up we were back on the Federal road somewhere in the sticks in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Ain and Irfan were navigating their way towards Port Dickson. It was touch and go because we were running out of fuel. Suddenly a Shell station revealed itself, which we found to be located at the southern end of Port Dickson.

We paused our journey and inspected the picturesque beach there. There were a lot of people at the beach on a weekend. Lots of cars, tents, hammocks and picnic mats. Ain bought some snacks and drinks before heading back to the car.

As we took the federal road north (instead of the expressway) we drove by a lot of dragon fruit farms with fruit vendors by the road. Apparently we passed by another area in Malaysia known as Tanah Merah which is not in Kelantan. Soon we found ourselves in Sepang and before long, Ain was hugging and kissing young Nia in front of her house.

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