Zoological Exploration of Melaka

Today is not only my birthday, but it is also Federal Territory day. Kuala Lumpur day.

Ayah Cik Farid and Cik Ma both work in Cyberjaya, so they both got the day off. They invited us for a drive to Melaka. Since they live in the south of the Klang Valley, Melaka is just a hop skip away via the highway.

First, we went to the Melaka Zoo. The zoo impressed me because at some points it seems like we were really in an equatorial jungle surrounded by real foliage. There were areas that were landscaped, but a lot of the exhibits were designed around what seemed to be old jungle terrain.

Although it was our first time there, Nia’s family had been there before, so they took us around the zoo on foot. We opted not to take the motorised tour because we would not have the opportunity to view the animals closely at our own time.

Here is a selection of our zoo visit photos!

Next we went to visit the town of Melaka.

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