A Mini Comic Con in KL

Last Saturday, Earth 638 the comic shop located at Kelana Mall – in colaboration with Banshee Creative held COMICS ARE COOL, the first unofficial mini comic convention. From 4pm to 9pm, visitors came to the store to buy comics and meet creators. Local indie publishers also sold their comics and signed their work. There was also a line where artists drew sketches for visitors.

Below, Sheldon Goh draws!

[[image:cac-08-2011-01.jpg:with his honour guard, one of the twins, standing by for combat:center:0]]

Tan Eng Huat sketches Thor on the big collaborative card thing!

[[image:cac-08-2011-02.jpg:Recently, he worked on Marvel’s Annihilators:center:0]]

Artists’ Alley (or perhaps Artists’ Nook would be more precise) is just bustling with all the participating comic professionals before visitors form a line for signing and sketches. Among the guests for the day were Sheldon Goh, Tan Eng Huat, Lefty Julian, Alan Quah, Yazid and Muhamad Azhar. Even Reggie Lee dropped by in the evening.


Azhar takes his pen onto the cardboard… 


… and produces a sketch of the Orang Minyak from his Liga Pendekar comic series.

[[image:cac-08-2011-05.jpg:This oilman is not from Texas:center:0]]

Then a question caught my eye on the wall:

[[image:cac-08-2011-06.jpg:What if Peter was one of the FF?:center:0]]

Which was rendered moot by a comic on another wall:

[[image:cac-08-2011-07.jpg:Technically it’s the Four Foundation… sigh:center:0]]

The Earth 638 crew worked tediously to ensure everything went well. Team leader Kaleon greeted and thanked visitors for coming. Not pictured: Banshee Creative mama bear Angelia Ong who organised the event.

[[image:cac-08-2011-08.jpg:Thanks for the hospitality guys!:center:0]]

I got a photo with Davin Arul, the gentleman who reviewed comics on The Star newspaper for many years, and was on my to-read list every Friday as I was growing up.

[[image:cac-08-2011-09.jpg:He had an indirect hand in me getting into comic art:center:0]]

Irfan brought his Green Lantern: Secret Origins trade and the kids got to drawing Hal.

[[image:cac-08-2011-10.jpg:Then they all played games on an iPad:center:0]]

One final shot of the collaborative card thingie wotsit. I drew a little Vader in the middle there.

[[image:cac-08-2011-11.jpg:Vader’s speech balloon reads, “YOU THINK YOU HAVE KID PROBLEMS?”:center:0]]

It was a memorable Saturday where an estimated 200+ visitors came, and they plan to organise more events like this because Earth 638 is pretty spacious. Please head on down to the Comics Are Cool page on Facebook to like them, or to check out their Twitter and Blogspot links.

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