Hall of Justice Diorama at Earth 638

During the Comics Are Cool event as reported in the previous entry, I noticed that there was an epic assembly of heroes in a Hall of Justice diorama, consisting of characters from the DC Animated Universe, and mostly from Justice League Unlimited. It was locate on a shelf high up on the wall, so I had to shoot with the camera phone held high. Here are three photos that makes the grade, more or less.

Enjoy the photos:

[[image:earth638-jli-dio-01.jpg:Green Lantern Corps include Arkkis Chummuck, John, Kilowog, Kyle and Tomar-Re :center:0]]

[[image:earth638-jli-dio-02.jpg:Not Superman’s day today:center:0]]

[[image:earth638-jli-dio-03.jpg:Notable figures include the Justice Lords’ Superman, Martian Manhunter and John Stewart:center:0]]

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