Ain’s Birthday Dinner

Ain levelled up yesterday. She’s gained a year, so we thought we’d splurge a bit on a proper birthday dinner. It would be a proper dinner with proper food, namely burgers.

Meanwhile Irfan made his specialty ice cream cheese cake.

[[image:2014-ain-birthday-01.jpg:Mixed flavour of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry:center:0]]

That evening we went to this burger restaurant at the Ampang Waterfront. It seemed to be a great place to dine on burgers. If I were to go out and have burgers for dinner, this would be the place I’d go to.

[[image:2014-ain-birthday-02.jpg:Wish I could do this for Ain every year… can’t even buy her a present:center:0]]

Irfan and his Cik Su scour the menu for consumables. Irfan is happy with stuff smeared with tons of cheese.

[[image:2014-ain-birthday-03.jpg:As I write this I hear ‘ass thrusters’ coming from the TV:center:0]]

A fried egg (or perhaps the interstellar neural parasite that killed Jim Kirk’s brother Peter on Deneva) obstructs our view of Ain’s chicken chop.

[[image:2014-ain-birthday-04.jpg:The sauce is delicious:center:0]]

Even Atok and Opah joined the event via a phone call. We should bring them to this place the next time they come and visit.

[[image:2014-ain-birthday-05.jpg:They call Irfan on his own phone nowadays:center:0]]

Finally, this one is mine. All you bloodsuckers stay away from it. GET BACK! GET BACK, YOU PEONS!

[[image:2014-ain-birthday-06.jpg:The chilli sells it:center:0]] 

In closing, happy birthday & lots of love, Ain!

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