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Over the years I drew pictures for the actual play reports of Eclipse Phase that I played with the GOKL crew, I have never collected all the artwork in a single post… until now.

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Hokusai Tarnungshaut grayscale

Hokusai Tarnungshaut my neo-octopus player character

Three employees of Fastball Express Inc

Hokusai, Bishop Six and Billy Cable

The crew of the Fastball Special

The crew of the Fastball Special

From Garfield and Friends

Sheldon Drone

Venereal investigations

Welcome to Parvati

Clockwise from left - Hokusai, Mr. Snuggles, Gretchen Ambelina, Danai/Ina and Hokusai's Pulser

Montage as the team form Gamera Security on Venus

Borders is on your left, Guardian pharmacy is on your right

Main Street, Cloud Nine

DANAI/Ina and Hokusai posing for a selfie while sneaking into Yamaha-Pacifica

Sneaky bastards

He'll never get a leg up on things

Janet morph

I heard you was dead, man!

Hokusai the Slitheroid

God forgive me for what I am about to do

Christoph de Beers

Gamera of KL

Gamera Security logo

This neotenic does not see dead people

Billy Cable flies an ultralight

Guest starring Willem Dafoe

Karamojo Bell even has a pith helmet vacsuit

Sit Ubu sit. Good dog. Woof

The six-in-one flexbot

A geisha banker

The Maiko Clarimonda in the Jorōgumo morph

Don't worry. She'll be resleeved in a new morph

BOOM! Headshot!

Wandering Ina, Cable, Hokusai and Danai

Further down Venus. Check out Danai in the little Sheldon morph beside Hokusai

A polar bear meatsuit

Mr. Snuggles the ursomorph of the Teddy Bear Roadside Picnic Company

Hokusai and Danai are resleeved in q-morphs

Walking on Sacajawea Patera

Someone's gonna get lucky

How is Thomas Bangalter alive on the surface of Venus without any pressure suit and speaking to the team in their mind?

It was a banner year on Venus

Clouds of the Morning Star

So many other occurrences that I did not during various earlier GMing sessions before I started writing the play reports, such as…

  • Cable tumbling down Olympus Mons for two sessions — at least
  • the team breaking Hokusai out of a sushi bar
  • driving with neo-chimpanzee trucker BJ the Bear
  • that time Bishop was sleeved in the neo-corvid morph (a.k.a the “chicken suit”) for a reconnaissance mission at the 2309 Mr. Spock asteroid habitat in the Belt which turned into a one-man battle scenario while the others watched remotely from their ship
  • and that one time the team travelled to a protected section at the centre of Mars, discovered a Pandora Gate there and accidentally activated an alien device that gave the red planet a brand new magnetosphere.

Sadly, these happened before I began writing actual play reports in earnest here, so many a detail has been lost into dim memory, like tears in the acid rain. Good times, good times.

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