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The other RPG campaign I played in more-or-less regularly with the Gamers of Kuala Lumpur crew is Night’s Black Agents where we played an group of international freelance agents with contacts with various countries’ espionage network who were embroiled in a plot to take over the world. With dogs. Who might be sentient vampires. Also, an infectious hemovirus pathogen.

Here are all the drawings I made for various actual play reports I wrote for the campaign on this blog.

Abraham Von Helsing and Abraham Lincoln the ovcharkas

Abraham Von Helsing and Abraham Lincoln the ovcharkas

Eurovision time

Half Kingdom is the band name

The pharmaceutical industry has gone to the dogs

Inish Medical

Sami Härkönen hard at work

Game over

It should read "Concealed Sidearm"

Sami and Zlatan undercover

Inish Medical's R-Team Operatives

Inish Medical’s R-Team Operatives

Needs more onions and capsicum

Needs more onions and capsicum

He spent the whole battle dressed like this, by the way

King Valentin

Snicker snicker snicker

Snicker snicker snicker

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