Allie’s 3 Month Birthday

Yesterday, Allie passed her first quarter-year mark. She turned three months old! Wheeeee! Of course this means pictures! 🙂

[[image:allie83a.jpg:Musing on Daddy’s shoulder:center:0]]

You know the drill – there will be baby pictures aplenty to follow. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

* Mouse over the pictures for captions

Honestly, her day wasn’t much different from the day she had when she turned two months old. She comes down in the morning with Daddy and Lily, then comes back up to Mak for breakfast, then we all come downstairs. She spends a lot of time eating/napping while Mak works. She hangs out with Daddy too. And we both hounded her like paparazzi, trying to take pictures of her smiling.

Allie is quite generous with her smiles and even giggles sometimes. But to get her to do so while the camera is on her – extremely difficult. It’s like she knows the camera is on her and she gets self-conscious or something. (Is it possible for 3-month-olds to be camera shy?) 

Enough chit-chat. Here come the pictures:

[[image:allie74a.jpg:The chicks’ hangout:center:0]]

[[image:allie75a.jpg:Big wide smile:center:0]]

[[image:allie76a.jpg:Hey Mak, that tickles!:center:0]]

These two pictures were taken a couple of days ago, but I love them so much I have to sneak them in here:

[[image:allie72a.jpg:Beary interesting!:center:0]]

[[image:allie73a.jpg:Smiling at Daddy:center:0]]

OK. Back to yesterday. Vin’s turn to acah (amuse) Allie so we can get smiley pictures:

[[image:allie78a.jpg:A little wee grin:center:0]]

[[image:allie79a.jpg:Smiling away:center:0]]

[[image:allie80a.jpg:Oh, that was funny!:center:0]]

[[image:allie81a.jpg:Tickling again!:center:0]]

Allie also has a new little swing that she likes to sit in:

[[image:allie85a.jpg:The swing is fun:center:0]]

[[image:allie86a.jpg:Smiles on the swing:center:0]]

[[image:allie87a.jpg:Good place to blow saliva bubbles:center:0]]

A few more pictures to round out the entry:

[[image:allie77a.jpg:Doing a pull-up:center:0]]

[[image:allie82a.jpg:Flying baby!!!:center:0]]

[[image:allie84a.jpg:Posing for her 3-month portrait with Daddy:center:0]]

It’s getting colder and Allie is wearing long sleeves, long pants and layers these days. She has also been wearing 3-6 month old sleep-n-plays for a few weeks, outgrowing the 0-3 monthers at about the 2 month mark. That’s all the updates for now! We’re having a wonderful time with Allie and can’t imagine life without her. Woohooo!

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