Anya Surprises Irfan

Irfan was feeling pretty exhausted physically and emotionally having to study at his college. Well, everyone feels that these days especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has petered out this last few months. So, we thought we’d give Irfan a happy surprise by NOT letting him know that his cousin Anya was coming to visit.

Here is the moment, as he was walking to where we usually waited with the car, he realised that we had extra visitors with us:

After the meeting everyone went to have dinner at Irfan’s school cafe.

Irfan and Anya at the college cafe

Irfan and Anya at the college cafe

Three Days Later…

That was three days ago. Earlier today, Irfan and Anya had even more fun at the college car park with a catapult. It shot a plastic rotor toy with blinking lights into the air and, well here’s the video:

It was one of the best moments for Irfan living at the school, he told us later.

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