Picnic by the Bendang

Yesterday, a group of colleagues organised a trip away from the bustling metropolis known as Kangar (mm-hmm) to nearby Pokok Sena for a picnic in the sticks. By sticks, I mean the beautiful, recently-launched Loqsakri Agro Farm.

First we rendezvoused near Arau along the road to Jitra. Then we formed a convoy towards Jitra, then Alor Setar for brunch at a local kopitiam. After picking up Faten, Zaki led the way towards Loqsakri.

The agro farm was welcoming, beautiful and was not even finished yet. There were bamboo huts constructed beside a little canal that separated the landscaped guests’ area and the bendang (the rice field). Although the sun was blazing above, the wind was a cooling, soothing force to be reckoned with.

We appeared to have visited just as the padi was at the most vibrant shade of green. The owner of Loqsakri is a cordial, welcoming person who regaled us with tales of his adventures, his future plans for the farm and his horses. Besides that, there are also rabbits, ducks and chickens that children could pet and play with.

I think I saw some cats too.

I did not know what to expect but we had a great day with friends at the agro park. Not to mention the delicious Thai food that the owner had prepared for us. (We also brought our own stash of food, pot luck style.) Check out the gallery below for some photos and captions.

In the future, when family or friends visit us we will see if we can take them to Loqsakri for some rest and relaxation out in the country.

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