Baby’s Already Getting Gifts!

I feel truly blessed and happy that not only are we having a baby soon, but people have cared enough to gift the baby with all sorts of cool stuff. I had to take pictures and show you the goodies that the baby has received even though (s)he isn’t even due for over two months! 🙂

Pictures ordered by receipt date. Mouse over for captions.

[[image:gift01.jpg:Cute Bunny:center:0]]

[[image:gift02.jpg:Royal Selangor Pewter music box:center:0]]

[[image:gift05.jpg:Changing pad:center:0]]

[[image:gift04.jpg:Changing Table:center:0]]

[[image:gift03.jpg:What the changing table will look like when put together:center:0]]

[[image:gift06.jpg:A cute little outfit and a snuggle buddy:center:0]]

[[image:gift07.jpg:Shirt, pants, a snap-on outfit, and a sleepsack:center:0]]

[[image:gift08.jpg:Onesies, Hooded Towels, and the quintessential Rubber Ducky:center:0]]

[[image:gift09.jpg:Diaper bag:center:0]]

[[image:gift10.jpg:Blanket and Receiving blankets:center:0]]

[[image:gift11.jpg:Alpha Bus:center:0]]

Meghan and Lyndsey “strongly encouraged” (read: forced, even going so far as to take me there) to register at Babies R Us and some of the above are directly from that. Thank you everyone! We’ll be thanking everyone individually later. I just couldn’t help but blog about this. It’s just absolutely wonderful, and each gift made me tear up. Also Mak said that Chris C has already dropped off stuff for us, so thanks, Chris! We’ll get that when Mak and Abah arrive here in July.

In the meantime, we have reached 30 weeks (as of Monday). 75% of the way there! Woohooo!

[[image:30weeks.jpg:30 Weeks Along:center:0]]

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