Chewbacca’s Blog

No, really.

A fantastic weblog by Chewbacca himself.

Here’s an excerpt:

Monday, February 20, 2006
aarrrrr rrrrrrrr rrnnnn nn nnhhhh

Aaaa aaaaarrrrr rrrrrrrr rrnnnn nn nnhhhh, aaaa aaaaa aaaa aaa uh aaa uh-aaaaaa aaaaRRRRRR HHH. Aaaa guhaaaa aaaaa uhaa aar rrrrnnn uhnnnn nnn uhnhh.
aaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaarrn nnhhhh, hurrnhhhh. UUUHHHGGG-rrrr!

It’s a blog to watch out for. Very informative and covers a broad range of topics by Chewie. Check it out here.

Updated: The blog seems to be dead now. So I’ve disabled the link.

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