Stuttgart Pics

As promised here are some images from my weekend walkabout in Stuttgart. I thought I didn’t take a lot of good photos there because of my need to walk quickly to cover a lot of ground, and searching for internet cafes so I could communicate with Malaysia 7 time zones away.

Flughafen Stuttgart, interior shot of the check in area, in the departure hall level.


Actually this was just before the flight out of Stuttgart

The parking lot and main entrance into Flughafen Stuttgart.


Where I learnt that baggage needed to be balanced properly

Hotel Am Wilhelmsplatz, where I stayed for two nights. Cozy, but I prefer the charm of the Ochsen Post Hotel myself.


WLAN area is only in the restaurant below

Wilhelmsplatz, looking towards the direction of Holzstraße, immediately in front of the Hotel Am Wilhelmsplatz.


Wilhelmsplatz, eary morning

I took this when I wasn’t really familiar with the city streets so I can’t remember where this was.


Some nice sculptures

Two shots of Theodor-Heuss-Straße early Saturday morning. I’m really disappointed I didn’t get a couple of pictures of the weekend crowd along Königstraße.


A north-east shot


A south-west shot



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