Dinner With Irfan’s Tok and Opah Unggai

Irfan’s grandparents are here from Sitiawan and have been spending several days with us. Tonight they will be heading for Middletown where they will spend the next two months with Vin, Sila and their upcoming child.

On Saturday, Irfan’s great-uncle and great-aunt, designated Tok Unggai and Opah Unggai arrived all the way from Taiping to spend the night at the Tenth Floor. We were soon joined by their daughter and son-in-law, designated Cik Da and Pak Long Fadzil. Opah Unggai recently had a promotion and had decided to treat us for dinner. Ain and I thought the Thai restaurant in the Pandan Indah sprawl close by would be great for the dinner.

Night fell and we headed for the restaurant where we had sweet and sour siakap, steamed siakap, kailan ikan masin, kerabu mangga, tom yam campur and telur bungkus.

[[image:opah_unggai_belanja01.jpg:The ones belanja-ing in the foreground:center:0]]

[[image:opah_unggai_belanja02.jpg:Ain uses a holographic blurring mask:center:0]]

[[image:opah_unggai_belanja03.jpg:It’s also Cik Da’s birthday today:center:0]]

[[image:opah_unggai_belanja04.jpg:Camera on night mode sucks:center:0]]

[[image:opah_unggai_belanja05.jpg:Siakap sweet and sour with starfruit:center:0]]

[[image:opah_unggai_belanja06.jpg:My plate:center:0]]

After the dinner, birthday girl Cik Da and Pak Long Fadzil headed back up to Sungkai. Tok and Opah Unggai left for Taiping Sunday morning after breakfast. Many thanks to them for a fantastic dinner.

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