On To The Far Side Of The Planet, Redux

Irfan’s grandparents left Malaysia at 2245 local time for Singapore, which is their first leg on the trip to Middletown to visit Sila.

An attempt to catch the ERL from Bandar Tasik Selatan to the KLIA was scrubbed because of the Monday back-from-work rush hour. So we jumped directly to the district of Sepang where many a visible flying machines dotted the sky on their way to and from the airport. There was a minor hitch with one of the luggage, which required a new baby padlock. But thereafter, everything went smoothly.

[[image:klia_july2008_00.jpg:Checking in at the counter:center:0]]

[[image:klia_july2008_01.jpg:New padlock being tested by Atok:center:0]]We went to the surau for Maghrib and then to the Food Garden (a food court, not a real garden… maybe someday, but not today) for a bit of dinner. Also, Irfan’s Opah Ngah and a friend joined us for a while.

[[image:klia_july2008_02.jpg:Irfan playing with the trolley:center:0]]

[[image:klia_july2008_03.jpg:Irfan is Iron Man:center:0]]

[[image:klia_july2008_04.jpg:Atok & Opah:center:0]]

[[image:klia_july2008_05.jpg:Ummi Irfan, Opah Irfan and Atok Irfan:center:0]]

Finally, at ten o’clock we said our goodbyes and wished them farewell before they descended to the immigration level on their way to the aerotrain that would lead them to the satellite building where their plane awaited.

After that, Ain, Irfan and I began our journey home.

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