As reported earlier, screen captures of an atrociously subtitled Revenge of the Sith bootleg was posted at It appears that the image of Vader screaming “Nooooooo!” in despair over the news of Padmé’s death, which was subtitled “Do not want” (see image below), has taken a life of its own as an internet meme.

[[image:donotwant1.jpg:Do Not Want!!!!!:center:0]]
For example, if you’re in certain forums or blog comment on the net and you are told of a news that, to use a common vernacular, sucks, you could say “DO NOT WANT!!!!” and they’ll understand you as easily as you would say something like “All your base are belongs to us” or “O RLY?!?”.

In light of that, here are some other Do Not Wants that you can use in conversations in the internet. As you can see, the phrase “Like father like son” comes into play a lot here.

[[image:donotwant2.jpg:ANH Do Not Want!!!:center:0]]

[[image:donotwant3.jpg:ESB Do Not Want!!!:center:0]]

Oh, and let’s not have the Hobbits feel left out of this.

[[image:donotwant4.jpg:The ring is mine! DO NOT WANT!!:center:0]]

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