EOTE: Mission to Kijimi

It was the last class of the semester and I had finished the syllabus a week early, so I organised a Star Wars RPG session for the students earlier today. The students used the Legends of the Galaxy pregenerated character sheets which I used in class previously, from all three flavours of the game: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny.

Here’s the story that resulted from the game session:

Edge of the Empire

Mission to Kijimi

Mission to Kijimi 1

Frame from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Lucasfilm, 2019)

Dramatis Personae

  • Sasira, female human Colonist/Entrepreneur – Amira
  • Malea, female human Jedi Warrior/Starfighter Ace – Syuhada
  • Kree, female human Smuggler/Pilot – Anis (Captain of the Portkey Mustang)
  • Byt, male Twilek Technician/Outlaw Tech – Aiman
  • Freya, Chiss Jedi Seeker/Ataru Striker – Wani
  • Wedelia, female human Jedi Consular/Niman Disciple – Raf

Arrival on Kijimi

The crew of the Portkey Mustang were given a mission by the Rebel Alliance: to journey to the Kijimi system and retrieve a datapad from an infochant who also works as a mi goreng street hawker in Kijimi City.

Mission to Kijimi 2

Last class of the semester

The pilot of the Mustang, Captain Kree landed the ship on a circular landing platform in the outskirts of Kijimi City, built into the frigid rocky highlands of Mount Izukika. The six of them marched into the city. The air was cold that they exhaled thick plumes of water vapour. Clouds were large and laden with moisture in the sky, but snow has yet to fall.

Freya led the team into the city, asking about the street hawker. They reached a grimy street with dozens of mi goreng hawker stalls on both sides of the street.  (A failed Streetwise roll but with an Advantage.) Frustrated, Freya closed her eyes and reached out with the Force. The Chiss Ataru Striker pointed at a tall instectoid Yam’rii frying noodles and said, “He’s the one.”

Mission to Kijimi 3

The circular landing platform

Haggling Price

They approached the hawker carefully. He greeted them, “Welcome! I am Ryx Ko. How many packs of mi goreng do you want?”

Only Byt and Malea each ordered a standard two-credit mi goreng take-away pack. Byt paid them. Then Malea tried to haggle for the price of the datacard, which surprised the vendor. He said, “You are from the Rebel Alliance? This is for you. You don’t need to pay for it.”

Once the Yam’rii passed the datacard to them, they spotted a squad of Imperial stormtroopers walking down the street heading their way. The troopers were inspecting each stall. If the Imperials found the datacard on them, the team would be arrested immediately. Or worse.

So they jumped into the stall and helped Ryx with his business. When the stormtroopers came to their location, the squad leader asked, “Why are there seven people in your little hawker stall?” Byt started to answer, but the squad leader snapped at him, “I don’t remember asking you, you filthy Twi’lek.”

Malea had to tell the trooper that they were Ryx’s old classmates from school on a visit to Kijimi (with a successful Deceit roll.) The trooper said, “Welcome to Kijimi and enjoy yourselves. Stay out of trouble.”

Then the troopers left.

The team thanked Ryx for the datacard and headed back towards the Portkey Mustang.

As they headed home, the very low temperature dropped even further. Flurries of snow began to fall. Malea, Kree and Wedelia looked very uncomfortable. (They had failed a Resilience check and lost a Strain each.)

Mission to Kijimi 4

Wani, Aiman, Anis, Syuhadah & Amira


At the landing platform, the team saw a squad of stormtroopers assembled under their ship, beside the ramp. They walked by the junction trying not to look suspicious. The lead trooper was heard tell his men, “This is the suspected Rebel ship. We’ll wait for them to return, then we’ll arrest the scum.”

They began to plan.

(Because she had the highest Deceit skill,) Sasira was assigned to go undercover as a local janitor to distract the Imperials. Meanwhile, the others would climb the rocky face of Mount Izukika to reach the landing platform unseen. It would be dark, cold and slippery.

If someone fell, it would be a long way down.

Sasira (whom Amira said looked like Beyonce) confidently strode onto the wide walkway towards the platform with her mop. The troopers were dazzled by her beauty and tried to project an air of machismo as they crowded around her, asking her to leave but trying to strike up a conversation with her.  She insisted she was assigned to clean up this landing platform by spaceport administration.

Kree, Malea and Wedelia, in the meantime, were successful in climbing the rocks to reach the outer edge of the platform where the Mustang was berthed. Byt however had trouble and fell behind.

Freya felt angry as she went from rock to rock towards their ship. Although she reached the edge of the platform safely, she had drew from the Dark Side of the Force to help her climb.

Mission to Kijimi 5

A Triumph and two Light Side points

(Malea rolled the only Triumph during the session along with two Light Side points on the Force die. I gave her the choice to change one situation of their encounter.) As soon as they peered over the platform, they that the troopers were being radioed back to their outpost. They all sadly waved their goodbyes to Sasira.

Making a Break

Once the stormtrooper squad was out of sight, Sasira discarded her mop and was reunited with Kree, Malea and Wedelia. The four of them were more than happy to rabbit up the ramp into the Mustang.

Everyone froze.

There was a lone stormtrooper in the freighter’s lounge. They caught each other unprepared. The trooper went for his E-11 blaster rifle, but Malea – the closest – drew her lightsabre, which arced blindingly fast. A second later, the trooper fell into a heap on the deckplate. Everyone sighed with relief.

“Stop that ship! Blast it!” Stormtroopers were rushing back to the platform just as Byt was climbing onto the outer edge. The Twi’lek technician’s eyes went really wide with fear and rushed for the ramp. The white-armoured troops fired red energy bolts at the ship. Byt evaded them, went up into the ship and closed the ramp.

Captain Kree was already in her seat in the cockpit. When the ramp lights went off, she fired up the engines and the Portkey Mustang soared away from Kijimi City up into the sky and headed for the stars…

THE END… for now.


  • I only had 1 hour and 30 minutes to run this scenario.
  • We will soon see Kijimi next week on the big screen in The Rise of Skywalker.
Mission to Kijimi 6

Kian Yuen, Raf, Wani and Aiman

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