ETA: An Online Play Staging Exercise

Last Saturday,  during my English Theatre Arts co-curricular class, I gave the four groups two scripts. They had an hour or so to prepare, then perform live during class. Unfortunately, we were still doing teaching and learning online thanks to the pandemic. Therefore, they all had to perform through Google Meet.

Thankfully, they did well enough. There were a couple of hitches, but it was a learning process. I coached them on how to recover from flubbing their lines and such.

As such, I was able to edit four videos of the performance, each between approximately 5 to 8 minutes long, I also had to become the understudy for one actor as the student was unable to make the second half of our session.

The Performances

Here are the videos in alphabetical order of the director’s name!

As per any videos of my students at work, be kind: English is not their first language.

The stage play scripts can be found at Stage in the Sky website.

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