Doom Agents The Endau Rompin Rescue Instance A

Doom Agents: The Endau Rompin Rescue (Instance A)

It’s the final week of the semester and I was able to run a game session each for two different classes. This was the first of the two. Click here for the second class. Freeform Universal: Doom Agents (IKOM3) What happened to the last Doom Agents team that left on the Brazilian mission. What happened to them, we might never know. However on 10th June 2019, another team was sent to the Endau-Rompin National Park to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a diplomat. The team of seven arrived in Malaysia and set out for their mission immediately. Dramatis Personae In alphabetical order (played byStudent group names in quotation marks): Bevis, Enforcer – “No Boundaries” Black Widow, Medic – “Titans” Captain Price, Soldier – “Team UVW201” Heister, Thief – “Cool Dudes” Jerung, Sharpshooter – “One Hit Wonder” Magnificent, Driver – “Queen Bees” Roye, Technician – “Magellanic Cloud” Watch the video belowto […]

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Some Hisham

English Theatre Arts 2021 Final Week Video

I was given a mission to run the English Theatre Arts co-curricular course once again this semester. After seven weeks, we completed the entire run. Like last year, yesterday morning we carried out the seventh and final week  performance under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this semester after preparing for a live online performance the students who are on campus informs me that there  would  be an internet outage until Tuesday, three days after our performance day. Within 12 hours, the four theatre troupes led by their directors, produced full videos of their plays. Each student acted at their respective locations recorded  it and sent it to the editor. After the editing, they sent it to me in time for a livestream session. In a worse turn of events, unlike last year, I was unable to connect to YouTube live to livestream their video. This was after a […]

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Week 5 ETA title

ETA: An Online Play Staging Exercise

Last Saturday,  during my English Theatre Arts co-curricular class, I gave the four groups two scripts. They had an hour or so to prepare, then perform live during class. Unfortunately, we were still doing teaching and learning online thanks to the pandemic. Therefore, they all had to perform through Google Meet. Thankfully, they did well enough. There were a couple of hitches, but it was a learning process. I coached them on how to recover from flubbing their lines and such. As such, I was able to edit four videos of the performance, each between approximately 5 to 8 minutes long, I also had to become the understudy for one actor as the student was unable to make the second half of our session. The Performances Here are the videos in alphabetical order of the director’s name! As per any videos of my students at work, be kind: English is […]

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Guardians of Magic

Year Zero Engine: Guardians of Magic

I was not able to do it last year, but I thought I would run a tabletop RPG for my Theatre Arts students this year. Last Saturday, I invited them all to Discord and I gave them a briefing on how to play the game. For this online session I chose Free League’s Year Zero Engine as my system of choice. This is because I can scale it down enough for them to practice their role-playing. Here is a video recording of the session. It took almost 1.5 hours of actual play time, but I edited out the long pauses, duplicate instructions and action declarations, as well as all my ummmms and uhhhhhs. I edited it down to just under 40 minutes of video. Episode 1 IT’S A DOG EAT DOG WORLD Dramatis Personae Willy Wesley from London Zane from Asgardia Constantine from Moscow Sebastian from Austria Alice from Dubai […]

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Close up

Theatre Arts Final Livestream

The English Theatre Arts co-curriculum class of 2020 have finally reached the end, which meant it was time for the final performances of their plays. The first and second classes in past years performed live, the former in a classroom and the latter on stage, for their seventh and final week. However, the third class were unable to perform live on stage thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. Not only it was forbidden to hold mass gatherings (such as a stage play), most of the students if not all were away from campus at their respective hometowns under light lockdown. So I decided for the students to write screenplays instead of stage plays, then film their parts separately. Each troupe had a director, writer and video editor as part of their non-acting crew members. They submitted their scripts for assessment and their videos so I could organise a livestream of their […]

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The Tortoise and the Hare

Theatre Arts: Third Time Around

UniMAP offered my English Theatre Arts co-curricular class once again this semester. This would be my third time teaching this class in which the number of participants have risen from just under 40 to 50 students. Like the previous class two semester ago, I started by giving the class an Introduction to Theatre Arts lecture to get them in the right frame of mind. Then we went right to it: The 50 split into 5 groups and each group had to come up with a short play in an hour. This was only for our first session. Ultimately the students performed their play at the amphitheatre in the Lecture Hall Complex. There were five plays in all, where three were adaptations of classics and two were original works. There were two adaptations of Cinderella, while The Tortoise and the Hare got only one. The first original work was a comedic […]

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The UZW 157 class this semester ends

Theatre Arts Class On Stage

Narrator: Previously, on Hishgraphics blog… After seven weeks, on and off my co-curricular class has come to an end. We ended the class by running a stage play presentation just like the last time I ran this class. At first, the students limbered up, rehearsed their lines and planned their staging while still trying to wake up at 8am. Everyone warmed up fast. Two groups had to rehearse their staging more than the third group as they had requested permission to set up their props, backdrops and rehearse the previous night. The secondary stage has a bad spot where many a student slipped and fell. But the student above was on the platform because the script called for it. Wait till you see the results of the third group’s make-up work further down this article. Gear and Shaft presents Rumpelstiltskin The troupe that named itself Gear and Shaft started the […]

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Third group performance

Students in the Amphitheatre

After two semesters absent, English Theatre Arts has been offered as a UniMAP co-curricular course once again. Like before, I am the course teacher. But unlike before, instead of less than 15 students I now have to handle 40 students. I returned to my course notes to adapt it for many. Thankfully, the students are very proactive and hands on with the course. Three groups of theatre troupes were formed. Each group will be organise a proper theatre performance at the end of the course, like the last time I taught this course. This includes writing their own play. For the first week, I took the trainees to task. And they performed magnificently in their own groups. Each troupe were able to quickly produce plays with various levels of amusement, comedy and pathos. (Someone was stabbed!) There was a problem with the air-conditioning system our hall, so we all relocated […]

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I'm actually sad that the course has ended

Students Take Centre Stage

Narrator: Previously on Hishgraphics Blog… Yesterday, my theatre arts students completed their course. In conjunction with the final session, the students and I organised the inaugural Performance Day for the course. We began at 2pm. Ain brought snacks and kuih for the students. Irfan was our videographer, using the department’s camera. The students had prepared for two plays to be performed for the event. The first was “The Midnight Class” where a pair of students find themselves in a replacement Mandarin language class late at night. However, they soon realise that they are the only two students in the class who are… not dead. “The Midnight Class” had a total of 10 speaking roles. The roles were based on the character building exercise we had over the duration of the course. Some lines made the audience chuckle, especially the punchline to the “Why do they call you Jenny?” line. Even […]

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A successful mission completed

Force and Destiny: The Lost General

Force and Destiny: The Lost General As role-playing practice for my English theatre arts class, I ran a FFG Star Wars RPG session for the students. If playing a space swashbuckling character who might also be an alien or a droid does NOT stimulate their acting chops, I have no idea what will! Although it was technically a Force and Destiny game, we had character types from Edge of the Empire too, thanks to the Legends of the Galaxy pregenerated character sheets. It was the same pregen sheets I had used in a class earlier in the year. Dramatis Personae Merick, female Zabrak Guardian/Armorer – Veronica and Siew Yee Malea, female Human Warrior/Starfighter Ace – Haziqah and Syafikah Koogik, female Rodian Explorer/Big Game Hunter – Syakirah Byt, female Twilek Technician/Outlaw Tech – Nadhira Kree, female Human Smuggler/Pilot – Amelia Flames, female Droid Soldier/Commando – Siti Aisyah Martial Law on Zaadja! With the Empire clamping down hard on the remote system such […]

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First Class

Theatre Was Suddenly In My Repertoire

Did I not join this university as a language translator? How did I end up teaching English Theatre Arts as a co-curricular course? It really matters not, because I am enjoying my role as an language educator here. More so because I love teaching enhancement of soft skills. So my course began this week. We began with the obligatori Negaraku anthem song. I tried getting the students to read part of the Aliens script – slightly modified – to get them to emote (with and without stage direction). I dealt them this random lines exercise between two students to get them to emote better, but during the first week even “sadness” elicited an unstoppable wave of giggles. During the second week I got the students to read the script that I wrote for students involved in another programme. Perhaps I need to write a blog post about that programme soon. […]

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