Family Reunion in Belle River

July has been a pretty eventful month for Vin and me, I have all kinds of things to blog about. But it has also been a pretty busy work month, so it hasn’t been too conducive to blogging. But before we finish out the month of July, I wanted to reflect back on our trip up to Belle River, Ontario earlier in the month. A family reunion was held at Vin’s cousin Liz’s house. This is the maternal side of Vin’s family – Vin’s Auntie Vera settled in Canada and we were happy to be included in the gathering. This was my first time meeting everyone other than Joanne, so forgive me if I make any mistakes naming all the family members! On the day itself, luckily we had name tags. 🙂

[[image:bru01.jpg:Auntie Vera on the left, cousin Pam on the right:center:0]]

We had a lovely time at Liz’s place – it was a gorgeous sunny day and if we got too hot we could jump in the pool to cool off. Let’s get to the pictures! Please mouse over the pictures for captions:

[[image:bru02.jpg:Cousin Jacqui on left, speaking with Joanne and Vin:center:0]]

[[image:bru03.jpg:Jacqui, carrying her grandson Nevin, and Joanne:center:0]]

[[image:bru04.jpg:Grillers grilling while the rest of us relax:center:0]]

[[image:bru05.jpg:Edna (Auntie Vera’s sister-in-law), Auntie Vera and Joanne:center:0]]

[[image:bru06.jpg:Left to Right, Kim, Jim, Lauren, and Sasha:center:0]]

[[image:bru08.jpg:Birthday cake cutting:center:0]]

[[image:bru09.jpg:Tim’s dad and Steve:center:0]]

[[image:bru10.jpg:Family group photo:center:0]]

Front row, L-R:Barb, Jacqui, Liz and Pam. Back row, L-R: John and Ron
[[image:bru11.jpg:Cousins: Auntie Vera and Roland’s bunch:center:0]]

[[image:bru13.jpg:Auntie Vera and Roland join in the picture:center:0]]

[[image:bru12.jpg:Barb plays peek-a-boo:center:0]]

[[image:bru14.jpg:Steve and his daughter Kim:center:0]]

Playing a (Canadian?) variation of the cornhole game:
[[image:bru17.jpg:Vin and Peter:center:0]]

Pool action:
[[image:bru18.jpg:Jacqui, Nevin and Jen:center:0]]
[[image:bru19.jpg:Chatting with Joanne:center:0]]

[[image:bru20.jpg:Evening sit-down, Peter, Roland, Auntie Vera and little Kayley:center:0]]

Thanks again for having us, Liz! We had a wonderful time, and if you are ever in Southwestern Ohio, do give us a call. 🙂

Surprisingly, it is only about a 4-hour drive up to Ontario east of Detroit. Somehow I have it in my head that Canada is really far away, so given the relative ease of driving, we hope to see everyone again soon! Cheers!

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