Irfan’s First First Cousin

Today begins a new era in Irfan’s life.

He is now officially a first cousin to another human, in this case the less-than-a-day-old, yet nameless newborn son of Kak Nor & Abg Kie.

He’s a pretty handsome, but quiet and sleepy dude. Which is better than the poor girl in the cot beside him, who seemed to be having a nightmare. What nightmares can a 3-hour old baby have anyway?

We’ll go and visit Irfan’s new cousin again tomorrow and see if we can get better photos. The nurse gave Cik Emma a hard time today for taking pictures in the ward.

The sleepy one:

One side!

Aiman’s arrival

The sleepy one turns the other way:

The other side!

Sleeping cousin

Irfan decides to join his cousin in the dreamlands:

In Lord Morpheus' land

Tired Irfan

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