Gauntlet Starfighter

Shobquix-yards Gauntlet Starfighter

Shobquix-yards Gauntlet Starfighter

Gauntlet starfighter, manufactured by Shobquix Yards, was created a long time ago by West End Games for their Star Wars Roleplaying Game line as can be seen here at Wookieepedia. It first appeared in Planets of the Galaxy, Vol 1 in the “Isen IV” chapter. And in its début, it was only a tiny little stat block. No image at all.

So I thought to myself the other day, why don’t I try to draw one based on the plans seen in the Wookieepedia entry above which was later released in a later publication.

Click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture.

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Khairul Hisham J. is a tabletop RPG artist, writer, proofreader, translator, teacher, grad student and learner-in-general.

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