The one with the birthday cake

Since there has been a demand for cake, here it is!!

[[image:allie330a.jpg:Let them eat cake!:center:0]] 

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On Sunday, July 26th, we held a small gathering, a cookout and potluck to celebrate Allie’s first birthday. Guests include a few members of Vin’s baseball team (the team conveniently played their Sunday morning game at the local high school a block away), some of our neighbors, and a few friends. Even though it rained the day before, Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day.

[[image:allie328a.jpg:Guests at the cookout with Allie in her high chair:center:0]] 

Vin played baseball then came home and straight away lit the grill and commenced barbecueing. Burgers, hot dogs and chicken were the meats, while I’d prepared a couple of side dishes.The neighbors brought food and drink as well as presents for the birthday girl! Allie also ate her lunch while everyone mingled:

[[image:allie329a.jpg:Picnic in the sun:center:0]] 

And then it was time for singing and cake:

[[image:allie332a.jpg:Happy birthday to youuuuuu:center:0]] 

[[image:allie331a.jpg:1 candle for the 1-year-old:center:0]] 

The obligatory pictures with the cake:

[[image:allie333a.jpg:Let go my hands, Mama!! Let me at it!:center:0]] 

[[image:allie334a.jpg:Fine, maybe I can kick it!:center:0]] 

And my, she did get a kick into the cake and a little icing on her foot. But then Allie got to play with her cake:

[[image:allie335a.jpg:With Mama and Papa:center:0]] 

[[image:allie336a.jpg:Getting a bit comot:center:0]] 

[[image:allie339a.jpg:Wearing the cake:center:0]] 

[[image:allie337a.jpg:This is fun!:center:0]] 

[[image:allie338a.jpg:I love to play with cake!!:center:0]] 

As it turns out, play was all she did. She geramed that cake to bits and not once did she taste it. Refused to try the lovely mango sorbet cake that we thought she would love (she loves mango). The cake was quite delicious and lovely and cooling on this warm, sunny day. I’m sure slathering it all over herself was fun. At any rate, it’s her birthday cake. She can eat or play with it as she likes 😉

After a quick rinse in the kitchen sink, the girl was ready to open her presents:

[[image:allie340a.jpg:Birthday Card!:center:0]] 

[[image:allie341a.jpg:Unwrapping a present:center:0]] 

[[image:allie342a.jpg:Surrounded by new things:center:0]] 

[[image:allie343a.jpg:Sitting with Courtney:center:0]]

All in all, in was a fun, wonderful, lovely, and really good day! Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a special occasion! What a wonderful reminder that we live in an awesome neighborhood, and that we have so much to be thankful for! Again, many thanks to everyone who came to the gathering as well as to those who sent Allie cards, gifts, e-cards, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, etc. to wish her a happy first birthday. And here is Allie with some parting words

[[image:allie344a.jpg:Yayyy I love parties!! Thank you everyone!:center:0]]

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