Greedo Goes To Duro

[[image:greedo-goes-to-duro.jpg:Greedo, he goes to Duro!:right:0]]Back in late 2001-early 2002 when I was really down and out, one of the things I tried was sending samples of sequential comic art to comic companies. I never really followed up on them, but one of the things I came up with was the pencilling of an eight-page original unscripted Star Wars story entitled “Greedo Goes To Duro“. It was something that could have easily made for an issue of the now-discontinued Star Wars Tales anthology from Dark Horse Comics. But it wasn’t.

This week, I found photocopies of the pages I did after I went digging under the bed. Seriously, it was deep in a folder under many folders in a dust-layered box under the bed. When I found it, I too had become heavily encrusted with ancient dust, dust bunnies, dust pangolins and dust capybaras.

Here it is presented in the Gallery for your amusement / ridicule. Apologies for the scan quality of page 4. I can’t find the originals for scanning.

Note: Since the Gallery uses Light Box pop-up feature, you will be able to either (1) see the full-sized image javascript pop-up or (2) the intermediate image which displays the text desciption on each entry page. Click on the intermediate image if you want to see the full-sized pop-ups, or if you want to read the text description, navigate the entry pages using the left or right arrow buttons on the toolbar above the intermediate image.

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