So those of you who romanticize snow, and think it’s cool and stuff, sure it looks pretty until you realize that in order to get out of the house you have to shovel the entire driveway or you’re stuck.

Here’s poor Vin, shoveling first a path to the mailbox (so he can pick up the mail and his newspapers):

[[image:snow20.jpg:Shoveling the front porch first:center:0]]

Here’s a little comparison – first photo is the front porch prior to shoveling, second photo is after:

[[image:snow16.jpg:Can’t even see the front porch, snow level with the 3rd step:center:0]]

[[image:snow23.jpg:Front porch shoveled:center:0]]

See how much snow Vin had to remove? Sheeesh. Anyway, more pictures below, as always mouse over for captions:

[[image:snow21.jpg:Lily watching Vin shovel:center:0]]

[[image:snow22.jpg:Unearthing the second step:center:0]]

[[image:snow24.jpg:Made it to the driveway!:center:0]]

[[image:snow25.jpg:Shoveling shoveling:center:0]]

[[image:snow26.jpg:Are we there yet?:center:0]]

Vin shoveled a path to the mailbox first, and the next day shoveled most of the driveway so the car could come out. Luckily there’s been a lot of melting so we’re OK now. 🙂

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