OK, people! What is the deal? It is freaking March 8th, 30 miles north of Kentucky, and what do we have? A foot of snow on the ground! Blizzard conditions! WTF????

Look at this stuff!!!?!?!

[[image:snow11.jpg:Snowdrift in back corner:center:0]]

[[image:snow12.jpg:Snow hanging off:center:0]]

[[image:snow13.jpg:Snowy basketball court:center:0]]

[[image:snow14.jpg:Cracking open the side door:center:0]]

[[image:snow15.jpg:Look at that snow!:center:0]]

[[image:snow17.jpg:Lamp is not spared from snow build up:center:0]]

[[image:snow18.jpg:The back stairs:center:0]]

[[image:snow19.jpg:The driveway:center:0]]

[[image:snow16.jpg:Believe it or not, this is the front porch:center:0]]

Dang it! I was looking for a picture of the front porch without snow, and all the pictures from last years are either vacation, food, or cat. Huh! I will have to take a picture of it when this snow stuff is over (if it ever ends!) and put up a picture of the front porch to compare with the last image here, just so you can see the difference. There are 3 stairs going up the front porch, and it just looks like the snow is level with the top level of the porch. Craziness!

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