Happy Father’s Day! (Backdated)

This is a backdated entry in honor of Father’s Day. I managed to pick out some gifts for Vin (seen below) and Allie and Lily got together and sent Vin an e-card. In keeping with last year’s theme, Allie models Vin’s presents:

[[image:allie638a.jpg:Take me out to the ballgame!:center:0]]

Vin got to play in his Father’s Day baseball game, but Allie, Lily and I stayed home since Allie had slept in.

Can you guess what Vin’s favorite baseball team is?

[[image:allie633a.jpg:Toddler hat:center:0]]

[[image:allie634a.jpg:Cubs dress:center:0]] 

[[image:allie635a.jpg:T-shirt with bear logo:center:0]] 

The bear logo is important as Allie loves all the shirts and hats that Vin and I have that have the actual cubs bear on it (and not just the “C”). She growls at it. So now she has some clothes that she can growl at when she goes to Vin’s games or goes to Chicago Cubs games with her Papa! And here are Papa and Yaya, enjoying Father’s Day together. That face she’s making is what you get when you say “Smiiiiile!”

[[image:allie636a.jpg:Happy Father’s Day Papa!:center:0]] 

[[image:allie637a.jpg:”Smile”, take two:center:0]] 

Happy Father’s Day, babe! You are the most amazing Papa in the world, and we all love you so much! Also a belated Happy Father’s Day to Abah, Yope and all you awesome dads out there!

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