Here’s To A Decade

Ten years ago today, there was an aqad ceremony where Ain and I were wed. Here we are 10 years later, together and eating chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters after so many trials and much struggle.

Like maybe building a rocket, Or fighting a mummy

Ain and I

The dinner was courtesy of Emma. It was a great dinner. Thanks, Cik Ma!

Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower

Cikma and Irfan

I can still remember the anxiety and distress almost 2 years later, when embryonic Irfan did not move for hours and we rushed to hospital in panic to check up on him. Here he is still with us now 8 years later.

Discovering something that doesn't exist

Irfan with food

I love the pasta salad. I should have told the waitress to give me pasta salad for all three of the side dishes.

Or giving a monkey a shower

Chikin and pasta and mac and potatoes

This was Ain’s. Unless it’s Emma’s. But it’s certainly not Irfan’s.

Surfing a tidal wave, creating nanobots, or finding Frankenstein's brain

Chikin and potatoes and fruit salad

Another dead bird about to be devoured.

Finding a dodo bird, painting a continent, and driving your sister insane

Chikin and macaroni and potatoes and fruit salad

Happy anniversary to us. Here’s to another 10 years and more!

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