Some Flea Market Scores

Here are some recent purchases from the Amcorp Mall weekend flea market. Sure some of the accessories are missing, but together they all cost less than one brand new figure.

Yay! Cheap-ass weekends!

Here they are chronologically:

From 4000 years ago!

Mandalore the Indomitable

Seen in the Dark Lords of the Sith comic series, this leader of the Mandalorians from 4,000 years ago fell into a jungle and was eaten by a bear.

From 30 years ago!

Captain Rex in Clone Snowtrooper armour

Seen in the episode “Trespass” Clone Captain CC-7567 brandishes his twin DC-17 blasters. So far he hasn’t been eaten by a bear.

From last Thursday!

Bane Malar

Bane Malar!

Never seen anywhere before except in behind-the-scenes photos in Return of the Jedi. He was the inspiration for “Jax”, the SWAG request I did earlier this year. I wonder if he was ultimately eaten by a bear.

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