Hockey Time at ACS Sitiawan

PE time in ACS Sitiawan during our time was usually the PE teacher asking us football or hockey, or if you’re an Amerikaner, soccer or field hockey. I remember 70% of the time we opted hockey. Here is a rare photo of Form 3A1 in 1988 on the field during PE.

Hockey during PE

Blurred eyewitness account of the phenomenon

This picture was taken using a disposable camera. I vaguely remember taking about a dozen pictures in school with this camera, and this was the only exposure that survived some sort of cosmic cataclysm. Because the lens quality of the flimsy camera was terrible, this was the best resolution I got on standard photo paper.

From what I can tell, from left to right, we have (forget the guys semi-blocked off in the background) an unidentifiable Indian guy, Khoots, T’sing, Sathya, Keith Lee, another unidentifiable Indian guy (maybe Vernon), and Warren.

Since most of the hockey sticks at the time were broken, it’s a wonder how I got many sticks in this shot that can be wielded by one hand without bits falling off from it.

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