Some Neil, Some Saddy

Briefly here are several things on the net that made me go “Wow! Cool!” in the last 48 hours or so. Well, the first is pretty cool. The second made me laugh out loud so hard, my nostril hairs complained. But then, many people have complained about my strange sense of humour.

The Neil Part

Gaiman is his surname. The news isn’t that the follow up to his novel American Gods, Anansi Boys, is out. It’s that the nice people at Harper Audio has allowed Neil to post the first track of the audiobook of Anansi Boys (read by Lenny Henry) on his site. It’s a 16mb mp3 file, if anyone’s interested. Mr. Nancy’s back, yo.

The Saddy Part

Dumpington is his surname, and he’s the, uh… folk hero created by everyone’s favourite depressed character, Strong Sad.
[[image:dumpington.jpg:Isn’t that great?:center:0]]
It’s a tragic lttle tale, but tragedy seems to wrack everyone (even the Dancing Brothers, Glenn, Martbell and the Killer Dynamo!) but our hero, Saddy Dumpington. You can’t go wrong with the lines in this flash toon.

“What’s that jargle? Scripture? You quotin’ Scripture?”

“I just saw a baby chick choke on a worm! They both died! Isn’t that great?”

“The Dancing Brothers are allergic to foxes, and they sneeze themselves into comas!”

Click here to view the flash toon. And don’t forget to click on the hidden easter egg links when the toon ends. Gonna have a gooood time tonight! Gonna have a gooood time tonight!

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