In Front of Pandan Capital

So the other day I walked from the house all the way across Pandan Indah to the MPAJ (Ampang Jaya Municipal Council) building to pay property tax over the counter.

One weird thing about this house is that the mailing address has it in Kuala Lumpur with a KL postcode. The phone line is part of the Cheras – Pandan Jaya local prefix, which also puts it in Kuala Lumpur’s network. But we have to pay property tax to Ampang Jaya, which is part of the state of Selangor.

Meanwhile, behind us is Cempaka, which is Ampang, and in front of us is Pandan Indah central, which is also Ampang. It seems like we’re trapped in a thin peninsular of Kuala Lumpur, trapped between alien territories.

Anyway here are some photos I took of the street in front of the MPAJ building.

Here’s the view up the street toward the Middle Ring Road 2:

Pandan Capital 1

The Store

Here’s the view down the street toward Pandan Perdana

Pandan Capital 2

Pandan Capital 2

Across the street looking at the base of the Menara Maxisegar:

Pandan Capital 3

Pandan Capital 3

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