BU-77, Advanced Recon Clone

Here are the stats and capsule for BU-77, the ARC trooper I played with Team Sabredart on IRC. The game was run by Simon Taylor using the old West End Games‘ D6 system. I had a ball playing this character, as you can see by the actual ad lib quotes which was spoken (or typed in) during course the game sessions.

Too bad we didn’t play out the character until the Order 66 massacre. It would have been interesting to see what he would do to Raeree Giin, their Jedi team leader.

He used to have a DC-15A blaster rifle, which for the D6 stats I used the official stats of the BlasTech T-21 light repeating blaster, but it was confiscated when they were all arrested for insubordination.

Name: BU-77 aka Butthead
Type: Non-standard ARC Trooper
Sex: Male
DEX 3D+1 Blaster 6D Dodge 4D
KNO 2D Survival 3D Willpower 3D
MEC 3D Starship Gunnery 4D
PER 4D Search 5D Sneak 5D
STR 3D+2 Brawling 4D Jumping 4D+2
TEC 2D Security 3D First Aid 3D+2
Character Points: 4
Force Points:1
DSP: 0

Equipment: Ancient partial Mandalorian armour (-1D physical and -1 energy damage; +1D to blaster for helmet targeting system currently damaged by untimely exposure to an exploding thermal detonator), stolen Lost Hope guard’s blaster rifle 5D, Naboo S-5 blaster pistol (4D damage, 5D stun damage, 30-m synthewire STR 3D+2, +2D to blaster for taking extra turn to aim)

Capsule: BU-77 is an Advanced Recon Commando clone, fresh off the training center on Kamino. Still untested in the field, BU-77 has been assigned to the Sabredart operations because of his scouting skills. Because of a rare genetic defect in his cloned Jango Fett DNA, BU-77 is cursed with a strange attribute not associated with the other clones: apparently he lisps.

When he first started, he was naive and eager to please by engaging in combat. Then he started to form bonds with his team mates, looking up to their commanding officer, the Jedi Knight Raeree Giin. And when they collectively acted against the interests of the Republic because of their conscience… they were all incarcerated by the Republic.

During the voyage aboard the Mandalorian dungeon ship, BU-77 was clad in loose robes and bandaged face, never speaking a word, not even during the trial. Then, the opportunity for jailbreak arises for the entire team…

Upon their escape, medic Jerec-Kargin found some ancient partial Mandalorian battle armor that both BU-77 and Jerec now wears, which enhances their senses and aim with the helmet sensors.

During a recent battle with Inquisitor Rahmus on Naboo, BU-77 left a wounded Raeree Giin behind to chase after Rahmus. When Rahmus escaped in a shuttle, and torpedoed the mansion where Raeree was left, the thought of Raeree’s death because of his own carelessness broke his spirit.

“Hey, you guyth have anymore garbage we can jettithon?”
“Not ath bad ath, maybe, being buried to the neck on Aglothtine, and a Rancor cometh up.”
“I’m not thuited for voithe comm, for obviouth reathonth.”
“Now that’th thomething you dont thee every day.”
“Thir. I thuggest we move fatht.”
“Dont worry, mathter Weequayth. You have my attention. Now return to beating the crap out of each other.”
“Err.. I’m thorry. I’m not familiar with thith. Are you theduthing Harloth?”
“Whoa! Air conditioning.”
“Do you have thome kind of vehicle? A thpeeder, perhapth?”
“You do a good job, thir. I can be of aththithtanthe. I have a medpac.”
and the perennial favorite…
“Are we there yet?”

For pictures of Team Sabredart, this is an image of them earlier in the campaign and this is an image of them as they looked like during the last game session.

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