Irfan Around Lumut

Last weekend, we were back in Sitiawan to attend a couple of kenduris. On Monday, Irfan’s grandparents decided to take us to Teluk Batik and Lumut. It was great, but the weather was hot and there were too many people about thanks to the school holidays.

[[image:tbatik01.jpg:Bike’s getting too small for him:center:0]]Before we went out on Kereta Atok, Irfan was riding his bicycle. He wanted to ride his bicycle bicycle bicycle so much he wouldn’t leave without it. So, we put it in the trunk after which we pretty much forgot about it until we got back.

[[image:tbatik02.jpg:Irfan and a tree stump:center:0]]Approaching the beach from the car park in Teluk Batik, both Irfan’s Atok and I tried to get a picture of Irfan. Usually getting a picture of him standing still is difficult, but he obliged us with this pose anyway.

[[image:tbatik03.jpg:With Ummi & Opah:center:0]]Ummi and Opah posed for a picture with Irfan, but he’s enthralled by the beach.

[[image:tbatik04.jpg:Beach chair Irfan:center:0]]Suddenly Irfan finds an unoccupied beach chair and makes himself comfortable there. But since it’s a rented chair out, I had to pull him out of there before anyone yells at him.

[[image:tbatik05.jpg:Lumut’s promenade food court:center:0]]Then we headed over to Lumut, where we had lunch at Bikini Bottom. Despite the lure of food and drinks, Irfan refused to leave the playground. I had to pull him away kicking and screaming.

[[image:tbatik06.jpg:Ais kacang:center:0]]What more can I say about this picture?

[[image:tbatik07.jpg:With Tok & Opah:center:0]]The ais kacang belonged to Opah. She said she’s going back there for more.

[[image:tbatik08.jpg:Back home with Tok:center:0]]Back at Atok & Opah’s Irfan, Irfan plays with his grandpa before we had to leave for KL again.

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