Irfan at Centrepoint

Centrepoint Bandar Utama, that is. While waiting for his mother to finish work, Irfan took the time doing his usual thing, running about amongst the greenery and going up and down the escalators. I thought I’d put the camera phone to good use.

One thing I’ll say for Centrepoint’s garden is it’s really well kept. Shame about the crap people throw into the koi pond, though.

[[image:cpoint01.jpg:Going down:center:0]]

[[image:cpoint02.jpg:Coming up:center:0]]

[[image:cpoint03.jpg:Running up the ramp from the basement car park:center:0]]

[[image:cpoint04.jpg:Sitting still long enough for a camera shot:center:0]]

[[image:cpoint05.jpg:Playing on the rocks in the garden:center:0]]

[[image:cpoint06.jpg:Jumping rock to rock on the artificial waterway:center:0]]

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