OK, so I didn’t actually go see the musical Hair while I was in New York City on Saturday, but here’s some news on hair:

I cut mine!!

Here’s a picture of me from this past May, where you can see how long my hair is.

[[image:eur146.jpg:John and Jane Catchpole, and me and my hair:center:0]]

In the past five months it has grown even more weed-like and out of control. So I took action (aiya, after all Raya is coming up and my parents will be here for Raya, must spruce myself up a bit, right?). Here’s how much I cut off (for scale I put a normal sized ballpoint pen next to the hair):

[[image:hair1.jpg:Braid of the hair that was cut off:center:0]]

And here’s the after picture:

[[image:hair2.jpg:Sila minus the weed-like hair:center:0]]

I really don’t care too much how long my hair is to be honest. I’ve tried every hairstyle from a buzz cut (ok so I chickened out and didn’t shave my head after I graduated college), to short boy-cuts, to bobs, to the above crazy down-to-the-butt length. I’m not sentimental. Hair will grow back. And just to show you I have no regrets:

[[image:hair3.jpg:Eh, you wanna fight ah???:center:0]]

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