Irfan Gets a Dendrobium

Atok and Opah came to visit for a better part of the week to see Irfan’s first official day in school. They also spent some time with Irfan, visiting some sights in the area.

Some sort of crushed ice drink I gather

At the farmer’s market on Sunday.

Opah took Irfan to an orchid nursery where she bought for him a white Dendrobium, which I believe is the RX-78GP03 third development model of the Gundam.

It's an orchid

The Dendrobium Stamen is pretty small here

Now he has a plant to take care of every day and we will learn how green Irfan’s thumb is.

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  1. yay! maybe opah will have someone in the family with as green a thumb as she has since neither you (yope) nor i seem to be in the slightest bit verdant. 🙂

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