Irfan Gets a Diploma

There was a ceremony today. It was organised by the owners of the kindergartens, one of which was Irfan’s. So today Irfan got a diploma.

Before that, though, there were a couple of speeches and performances by 5- and 6-year-olds.

Irfan’s class performed a little dance. The music went along the lines of “going to the zoo”. Some kids were the zoo animals. Some were trees. Irfan was the middle ‘O’ of the word ‘ZOO’ and was in the middle of the back row probably because of his height. No surprise, cause that’s where I was usually placed in old school photos as well.

[[image:letter_o_01.jpg:O RLY?:center:0]]

[[image:letter_o_02.jpg:The march to the stage:center:0]]

[[image:letter_o_03.jpg:He loves his white gloves:center:0]]

[[image:letter_o_04.jpg:Assembly onstage.:center:0]]

[[image:letter_o_05.jpg:Performance is over:center:0]]

Then, the camera batteries died, and I had to switch to my phonecam for the diploma-giving.

[[image:convo01.jpg:Getting ready to get onstage:center:0]]

[[image:convo02.jpg:Irfan and friends get their diploma:center:0]]

[[image:convo03.jpg:Irfan and Dzarif, classmates and neighbours:center:0]]

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