Irfan, Uncles and Anti-Gravity

Irfan went swimming this morning at the building’s swimming pool.

With him went his Opah Cu and his uncles, Pak Ngah and Pak Cu.

Thanks to exotic technology that manipulates gravitons, Irfan, Pak Ngah and Pak Cu were floating about on the water using anti-gravity. Atuk Irfan was there to take pictures of the amazing event with his camera.

Here are several images of the wire-fu hijinks.

[[image:jumpwater01.jpg:We’ve lost artificial gravity!!!!:center:0]]

[[image:jumpwater02.jpg:I know kung fu:center:0]]

[[image:jumpwater03.jpg:Repair that damaged gravity! Yes sir!:center:0]]

[[image:jumpwater04.jpg:Buddies in a road trip… into the water:center:0]]

[[image:jumpwater05.jpg:Nathan Petrelli? He’s got nothing on these guys.:center:0]]

Suddenly, the gravity comes back on…. and then, splash!


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