Irfan Meets a Cat

It’s not a stray because it seems to be well-fed, not unkempt and has a collar. It’s prowling the corridors outside the tenth floor. Naturally, Irfan tries his best to have fun with it, throwing ball and running around the corridors. It sometimes succeeds in bypassing the blockade and zips into the house, causing Irfan to gleefully try to corner it and chase it outside.

[[image:cat-2010-mar-01.jpg:It’s a lion! Get in the car!!:center:0]]

At the end of the day, Ain lets Irfan feed it some milk which it lapped up quickly.

[[image:cat-2010-mar-02.jpg:Starring Sean Penn:center:0]]

If no one claims it, i.e., it doesn’t belong to anyone on the tenth floor, then I should stick a notice downstairs.

[[image:cat-2010-mar-03.jpg:oh hai wats goin on in dis post? kthxbai:center:0]]

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