Irfan Meets Mia

Once upon a time, Irfan’s Pak Alang got married.  Yesterday, we all visited them at the hospital to see their new baby Mia who was born a couple of days before.

[[image:2010-11-20-irfan-meets-mia00.jpg:Scream! Scream!:center:0]]

When we first arrived, Mia was located in her bassinet in the post-natal ward’s nursery with perhaps half a dozen other screaming babies.

[[image:2010-11-20-irfan-meets-mia01.jpg:A second cousin:center:0]] 

Irfan poses with his second cousin, once Mia was transferred back to her mother.

[[image:2010-11-20-irfan-meets-mia02.jpg:Who is this lady?:center:0]]

Ain picks Mia up for a photo op. Mia sticks her tongue out at her aunt.

[[image:2010-11-20-irfan-meets-mia03.jpg:Bunch of people:center:0]]

Pak Alang Iwan, his new daughter and I.

[[image:2010-11-20-irfan-meets-mia04.jpg:Two mother-type people:center:0]]

Ain and Siti.

[[image:2010-11-20-irfan-meets-mia05.jpg:More people:center:0]] 

The expeditionary force that went to Pusrawi Hospital for a visit hangs about the sixth-floor lobby for a photo.

Congrats, Iwan and Siti!

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