KLIA June 2005

Their time in Malaysia had come and gone. Vin and Sila left the country, back to their own lives in the United States last night. It had been a fantastic month, and we were all saddened by their having to leave. Irfan, on the other hand, took it well. Even after the evening claiming his Ayah Cik’s luggage as his own, Irfan waved his goodbye to my sister and brother-in-law without any fuss. Even this morning, when I asked him, “Ayak Cik mana? (Where’s Ayah Cik?)” Irfan cheerily replied, “Ayah Cik naik kapal terbang. (Ayah Cik got onto an aircraft.)”

Here are pictures from last night sad event.

[[image:depart1.jpg:How do I sneak this baggage away from them?:inline:0]]
[[image:depart2.jpg:Quickly! Before anyone notices me:inline:0]]
[[image:depart3.jpg:Abah & Mak trying to figure out Irfan’s plan:inline:0]]
[[image:depart4.jpg:Vin & Sila at the check-in counter:inline:0]]
[[image:depart5.jpg:Group Photo of the Ladies:inline:0]]
[[image:depart6.jpg:Group Photo of the Ladies,… and Vin:inline:0]]
[[image:depart7.jpg:Irfan channeling Barry Allen or Wally West:inline:0]]

Here are some general pictures of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport taken without flash and with long exposure.

[[image:airport1.jpg:The crowd in KLIA:inline:0]]
[[image:airport2.jpg:The elaborate KLIA ceiling:inline:0]]
[[image:airport3.jpg:A Korean Air announcement regarding check-in times:inline:0]]

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