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Commemorating Sila’s birthday on the 29th, we have here a series of screencaptures taken from Skype on Atok Irfan & Alya’s computer in Sitiawan

The proliferation of the internet and its communication applications has been one of the most amazing things to be invented in the last decade or so. I remember in the early 90s, when my sister’s vacation was over and she had to return to the States, it was the saddest time ever for me. Nowadays, or at least the last couple of times Sila and Vin were  on their way out of here, I was all like, “Going? OK, see ya when you get home.”

So here are Alya, Alya’s Mom and Dad in webcam view. Alya catches sight of the webcam and is intrigued. Perhaps it tastes good. Grab the sucka!

[[image:alya-skype-jan2009-01.jpg:Incoming flyer!:center:0]]

[[image:alya-skype-jan2009-02.jpg:Attempting to acquire target:center:0]]

Who are these strangle people crowded in the little screen on the monitor? (They would be her grandparents and her cousin’s family.)

[[image:alya-skype-jan2009-03.jpg:What’s a monitor?:center:0]]

[[image:alya-skype-jan2009-04.jpg:There is a koala in her hand:center:0]]

Alya’s parents do their tried and tested method with a high rate of success to get Alya to laugh. The BINGO song!

[[image:alya-skype-jan2009-05.jpg:Let’s make her laugh instead:center:0]] 

Alya’s dad lectures her on driving the family car without a licence with her friends. Well, maybe one friend. Well, it’s Lily.


Happy 4264th Birthday, Adik. Hope you had a great birthday.

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