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So, Gary tagged me on Facebook, therefore:

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1. One of my old hobbies is fishing for antlion larvae out of their sand pit traps using live ants.

2. At 9, I was shushed by a guy behind me when watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.

3. I last GMed a Star Wars The Roleplaying Game session face-to-face in real time in late 1999.

4. Between 1989 and 2001 I didn’t own a computer at all and had very little experience with it. 10 PRINT “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WINDOWS THING?” 20 GOTO 10

5. I owned and wore the same wristwatch (an M-Watch) from 1983 up until its natural death in 1996.

6. I take enjoyment in popping blackheads out.

7. When I was very young I had an issue of Marvel Team-Up where Spider-Man and Mary Jane (who is mystically transformed into Red Sonja) battles Kulan Gath in a museum. I was reading it when the comic fell into a storm drain.

8. I can stay up until 3 in the morning to kill mosquitos, and have vanquished dozens of the annoying little bugs before I was satisfied enough to sleep. Don’t know if I’l do the same with Mansquito, though.

9. I saw all three Star Wars Special Edition movies in 1997 at the multiplex in one day.

10. I was knocked out while swimming at the beach once. But I came to quickly, but I was blinded. Slowly sight returned as I stood chest deep in seawater. First it was in black and white, then colour slowly seeped in. I still have no idea what knocked me out.

11. I haven’t been in a campout for 15 years.

12. I saw the Glen A. Larson Buck Rogers in the 25th Century pilot episode as a movie on the big screen.

13. I also saw the Spider-Man (starring Nicholas Hammond) pilot episode as well the 2-parters Spider-Man Strikes Back and Spider-Man: The Dragon’s Challenge, as movies on the big screen.

14. I used to have atomosophobia, but I took solace in the fact that I live within vapourization range of a major naval base should it be nuked, so I didn’t have to deal with fallouts and radiation sickness and such. I was about 12 years old when I thought this.

15. Last week I dreamt I was walking in a mall. I heard a click, and saw that there were claymores set near some pillars. They exploded and I woke up.

16. I have never broken a bone in my body. Hopefully I still have more years to go, so perhaps I’ll experience it yet.

17. I wore ortho plates for a couple of years in school.

18. I was a librarian for 2 years.

19. My first date with Ain was in 1996 at an A&W that no longer exists when I passed the town by 2 years ago.

20. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen nor spoken to any supernatural beings such as ghosts, penanggals, leprechauns, merfolk or Boston Brand.

21. I still know the name of every Autobot in the first season of the Transformers G1 animated series.

22. I am a right hander. Sometimes I’m a wrong hander.

23. I’ve got letters printed in the letters page of Dark Horse Comics’ Dark Empire #4 and Classic Star Wars #4. I think I remember mentioning a Skipray Blastboat in one of them.

24. My left foot only has 4 digits and the last one has three toenails. However, there are altogether a set of five bones between them.

25. I think when insulting someone “You stupid fuck!”, you should use the British accent for “stupid” so you’ll have more gravitas. You know like shtew-pid rather than stoopid…. OK. Not really. I just made that up on the fly. But hey, now it’s actually become a random thing that can be listed, so I guess it stands. This list has gone meta.

By the way, January was “Babylon 5 Episode Title Month.” It’s over now.

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