Lunch With Nanda

Nandakumar has been a good friend of mine since I was 14. Form 2 was when this newcomer to Sitiawan traipsed into our classroom and sat close to me along with the usual suspects, Teik Sing, Khoots, Warren, et. at. Despite being good friends, we rarely see each other these days. Life positioned us where it was difficult to meet, and inundated us with many other issues to deal with that meeting Nanda wasn’t the foremost on my mind. The last time we met was during Laskmanan’s wedding before Irfan was born.

Until today. Ain and I met up with him at SS20’s roadside restaurant. (It was my idea to eat there, I hoped he liked the food.)

He has to get back to work on shift at the oil rig next week. There were plenty to talk about and not enough time to talk about everything. We talked about how much fun it was to grow up in Sitiawan, old friends, playing Karateka at my home computer, tuition (and hijinks en route on bicycles), his first day at ACS Sitiawan and a whole bunch of other crap.

He reads this website once in a while so Heya Nanda!

One of these days, I think we have got to get the old gang back together for lunch / dinner / whatever. I suspect there’ll be a whole lot of laughs and great stories to tell.

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