Multi-Reunion at Mando Mayhem

Sometimes, being away from old friends can be an isolating feeling.

Not this past weekend though.

We travelled to PJ on Gray‘s invitation (with Imeel, another GM) to run Star Wars RPG sessions at the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club‘s event entitled Mando Mayhem.

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Tales for the Outer Rim

I did not know what to expect as I have never gamemastered in public for visitors before. How fun would it be? Would I need to explain the rules too much that it detracts from playing? Would there be people who would not enjoy the sessions?

The four sessions I GMed have been chronicled in another blog post.

Day One at Jaya One

Besides the new friends I made like Imeel, Hanna, James and Syed, a whole bunch of old friends also dropped by.

For the first time, I had three different circle of friends showing up and interacting with each other. There was the old KL gaming group like Ivan, Kai, Amanda and Gray. Also, Chewie – whom I GMed back in Air Service Training – showed up to play.  Sathya and Jeret, my former ACS school buddies, came to visit on the first day. However they were too late to attend the Star Wars event. Later that evening I had dinner with the Coriolis crew Ivan, Chang and Libb Wei where much discourse was to be had before we retired for the evening.

Day Two at Jaya One

Kai came a-visiting the next day. He helped me and Amanda set up the table for the morning.  Then, Awi joined us for lunch. Awi was one of my secondary school juniors who showed up when I was back on vacation from college, asking if I could GM Star Wars RPG for him and his crew! After lunch, Mei and family showed up, with Colin and his daughter. Then Yu Hoe and Kanesh also dropped by with their family. Additionally Chewie popped up for the second day with his Grogu backpack which greatly amused the kids.

This led to the most mind-blowing game I even GMed where three of my former secondary school classmates’ children played in a Star Wars RPG session that I GMed! Even more astounding is that two of the players were playing their fathers’ old characters (which I had converted to FFG stats), which made it a continuation of the Strikeforce Enteague campaign which began back in 1989.

When all was over, we had dinner with Yu Hoe’s family before we retired for the night. The next day we were on our way back to Perlis.


Check out the photos below.

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